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Students receive foundational lessons in how to understand classical/traditional architecture, in order to compose sophisticated, meaningful and beautiful designs. Some of those lessons include:
The study of precedence, in analyzing and learning from exemplary buildings including visits to those in the Washington D.C. Region
  • The study of the classical orders as a compositional device through rigorous drawing.
  • The study of classical compositional principles, from using proportion to the application of details
  • Learning to compose buildings using the orders and principles of classical through rigorous and compelling design exercise and projects.
  • Learning to compose urban spaces using principles of classical and traditional urbanism as an extension of architecture into the public/civic realm.
  • Learning how to craft communicative and beautiful drawings with line work, sheet composition, shading, shadowing and material rendering

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Student News

Tommy Vince 

Winner of the Christopher H. Browne Scholarship, Institute of Classical Architecture 2018

Winner of Mark Ferguson Scholarship, Institute of Classical Architecture 

Chas Winebrenner 

Winner of 2018 David M. Schwarz Internship and Travelling Fellowship Award