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Building Stewardship

Examining architecture’s role in serving nature, culture, and the divine.

Over 100 years of planning, designing, and improving our common spaces.

At the School of Architecture and Planning, we are committed to being stewards of the good, the beautiful, and the true. Drawing on centuries of design wisdom and inspiration from classical to emerging styles, we strive to build planned environments and sustainable spaces that serve the betterment of society, all in the heart of the nation’s capital and the epicenter of design excellence.

Featured Programs

Sacred Space Program

Sacred Space Program

One of the few programs of its kind in the world, the Sacred Space and Cultural Studies (SSCS) concentration enables architecture graduate students, faculty, and professionals to examine architecture through the lens of matter and spirit — reflecting, learning, researching, and professing the deepest spiritual and cultural roots of place-making.

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Classical Program

Classical Program

The School of Architecture and Planning’s new Classical Program invites students to use the study of the past to enrich and enliven conversations with the present — drawing upon thousands of years of architectural design concepts and applying that knowledge to the challenges of contemporary society.

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Designing a Better World

Nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C., you will find the soul of architecture. Committed to practicing sustainable design and being good stewards to the environment, at the School of Architecture and Planning we are creating beautiful spaces that serve all of humanity.


  • Technology

    Students learn to apply high-quality design principles using the latest technology in our innovative labs, housed within our award-winning facility — the Crough Center for Architectural Studies.

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  • Expert Faculty

    Study under award-winning faculty whose interests range from the newest digital technologies, to sustainable systems, to the redevelopment of our cities — all with one common goal: to see you thrive. 

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    Expert Faculty
  • Professional Practice

    Through our programs like CUA Design Collaborative, internship experiences, and LEEDlab, our students gain hands-on experience working on real-world, professional design projects with clients in the D.C. community.

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    Professional Practice
  • Building Leaders

    At the School of Architecture and Planning we are building leaders who will act as agents of change — creating beautiful spaces that serve the social, spiritual, and environmental concerns of humanity. 

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    Building Leaders

Why CUArch?

At the School of Architecture and Planning, we are dedicated to fostering good stewardship and sustainability, designing better spaces for all, and putting beauty in service to society in one of the world’s most planned cities, Washington, D.C.