The Catholic University of America has very recently committed its School of Architecture and Planning to a singularly unique enterprise in the education of young architects: To teach Traditional and Classical Architecture as a discipline of study alongside the standard instruction in modernist architectural styles available at all other schools. What is unique here at the Catholic University is that while there is one school of architecture that teaches strictly Classical Architecture, and while all other schools of architecture have been teaching strictly modernist styles, this school of Architecture teaches both right alongside each other. The result is that each discipline benefits from and is strengthened by the other.

As Director of the Traditional Classical Architecture instruction, I invite you and challenge you to studies in Traditional and Classical Architecture. From Theatre, to Literature, to Mathematics, to the Physical Sciences and Architecture, by studying and appreciating the classics of any discipline one becomes masterful in their own practice of it. All of the great masters of Architecture have studied and become fluent in Traditional and Classical Architecture. From the earliest Greek masters to the famous American modernist Frank Lloyd Wright, all the greats have been educated to have a command and deep understanding of tradition.

That is the goal of this truly unique program here at the Catholic University. This is the only place in the world where this opportunity exists. I hope you will become part of it.