For students who are interested in architecture but might want to pursue a major in another field, this minor provides the opportunity to earn a degree in liberal arts and a minor in architectural studies. This program provides students with a liberal exposure to architecture, architectural design, and the built environment.


ARPL 101
ARPL 211
ARPL 212

Three elective courses from the following list:
ARPL 102, 232, 311, 314, or others as approved by the minor advisor;

Total: 18 credit hours

Substitutions for the three elective courses may be approved by the minor advisor only. Students must complete ARPL 101, 211, and 212 prior to enrolling in any ARPL elective. 


No course may be taken on a pass/fail basis. A maximum of two courses may be transferred from other institutions, provided that these courses are evaluated as equivalent to the courses specified in the minor. No more than two courses in a minor may “overlap” with the student’s major requirements.


  • U.S. Capitol building

    Architecture in Washington, D.C.

    Study architecture in the first American city to be architecturally designed and planned, with access to an unparalleled laboratory for design and centuries of urban, architectural history.

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