The TMAIn concentration operates under the notion that digital design technologies are catalytic tools in the process of design thinking, critical inquiry, and will lead to the creation and crafting of new solutions and strategies for today and the future of architecture. Students will have the opportunity to further this line of investigation and present their work both nationally and internationally. Examples of past activities include: workshops, exhibit and presentations of students’ work in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palermo Italy as well as locally based exhibit at the AIADC. Such activities produced a variety of publications and media coverage, disseminating the students’ work and helping in creating new opportunities. Collaborations with other concentrations and programs within the school are also possible. In addition, students have the opportunity to compete for scholarship prizes offered by private sponsors in addition to having direct access to professionals and scholars from Washington, D.C. and beyond to further enrich their education.

Resources: A variety of spaces and tools are available to the students enrolled in the TMAIN Concentration:
  1. TMAIN Studio Bay, equipped with flat monitor for teaching purposes and digital presentations for the everyday classroom work flow.

  2. The Digital Media Center serves the needs of faculty, staff and students with issues relating to computers, printing, plotting and scanning.

  3. The Fabrication Lab supports mostly graduate students in coursework and independent projects. Facilities include a 1,000sqft woodshop filled with furniture grade fabrication equipment, a cold metal working shop, a three-axis CNC Router, two laser cutters, a powder based 3D printer, and a recently renovated 200sqft finishing room.

  4. A 6-Computer lab and a large screen monitor for advanced use.

  5. Recently joined forces with Media Studies and Communications Department, located in the basement and providing collaborative projects and shared classes.