The Technology and Media in Architecture and Interiors (TMAIn) Graduate Concentration within the School of Architecture and Planning at the Catholic University of America is very interested in collaborating with professionals, commercial partners, private investors, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations to advance the field of architectural design and expand its national and international prominence as a leading academic institution.

Located within Washington, D.C., TMAIn has attracted a gifted and talented group of multicultural graduate students, who approach design from a diverse perspective in order to exceeding client expectations, while also enriching the environment. Leading these efforts is an accomplished group of expert faculty, directed by Prof. Lavinia Fici Pasquina, who has professional experience in high-level design in both Europe and the United States. Together, they combine leading-edge digital media technology with a deep appreciation of architectural history and culture to explore novel design solutions to enhance student education and fulfill client needs.

Accredited professional Graduate and Certificate programs at CUArch exist to build future leaders within the field of architecture to advance education, research, and professional practice. The Master of Architecture with a concentration in TMAIn, focuses on digital Technology and Media as a means of exploring the transformative opportunities of emerging technologies. The concentration operates under the notion that digital design technologies are catalytic tools in the process of design thinking, critical inquiry, and will lead to the creation and crafting of new solutions and strategies. Coupled with Interior Architecture, this graduate concentration provides a complete vision of the experience of “space” - facilitating the understanding and visualization of the projects, including: urban fitting, functionality, sensation, emotion, lighting, etc. through the use of 3D massing studies, realistic renderings, fly-around and walk-through animations, movies, composite graphics, virtual reality, etc.

Centered around the philosophy that successful stewardship comes from the collaboration between design professionals, policy makers, commercial developers, and members of the community; CUArch TMAIn takes an interdisciplinary approach that builds upon the University’s rich heritage, offering opportunities ranging in scale and scope from industrial design to real estate development; and from urban studies to cultural and sacred spaces.

Historically, CUArch has had various donors contributing to the growth of the university and its students' professional development. These donations have provided unique opportunities for students and faculty to expand research and training activities as well as develop design showcases, exhibits and real‐life client‐based architectural design proposals. All donations are fully tax‐deductible and often lay the foundation of continued relationships, especially for graduates seeking continued employment.
Types of contributions may include sponsored internships, fellowship, or other learning opportunities; the donation of goods, equipment and services; sponsorship of travel and lodging to attend courses, design competitions, or professional meetings; and lectureships, seminars, or studios inviting world-renowned professionals.

If you are interested in creating opportunities for our students, please contact:

Lavinia Fici Pasquina
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Concentration TMAIn
Director of Foreign Studies Program
School of Architecture & Planning
The Catholic University of America
Washington D.C. 20064
(001)- 301-526-6278