The dynamic field of architecture and real estate development in the Washington D.C. region offers students an array of opportunities for internship positions and professional networking. The Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture and Planning is recognized as the premier regional academic institution and as such our students are afforded the highest professional consideration and respect by leading architectural firms.

Within the School of Architecture and Planning, our curriculum strives to incorporate award-winning architecture practitioners and real estate developers as an integrated aspect of our professionalism in an academic setting. There are many working relationships through studios and developing practice experience in the Washington D.C. area with firms and real estate developers. These long standing professional relationships provide immediate professional connections with global, regional and neighborhood practices, including design/build architecture. Our studio based professional program includes not only studios in our Crough Center but also invitations to hold studios within active practicing firms. We have opportunities such as including four graduate students invited to participate as team members at a nationally prominent architecture firm to design a Net Zero house and a student group hired by a real estate developer to re-imagine and design a dilapidated hotel property. Both projects are now completing construction. Integration with the practice of architecture is a key component of the real estate development concentration. Through studio and class lecture opportunities, students regularly meet with practitioners and often join firms prior to graduation due to the flexibility of the concentration curriculum.
U.S. Capitol building

Architecture in Washington, D.C.

Study architecture in the first American city to be architecturally designed and planned, with access to an unparalleled laboratory for design and centuries of urban, architectural history.

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