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This page contains information about our current rules and procedures due to Covid-19. It answers frequently asked questions and it will be reviewed and updated regularly. 

Last update: 03/22/2021



Students allowed into the building must have their new blue CUA ID card to enter. The staff will not be able to grant access to students without the new ID card. 

If you have any questions, please, contact Lorenzo DeAlmeida for more information.

Questions in this section

  • Will Crough be open in the fall?

    Assuming there is continued good progress with vaccinations, the infection rate continues to drop, and the city allows students and faculty to gather inside for long periods of time, Crough will be open in the fall for in-person instruction and after classwork.  There may be limitations due to social distancing rules and the health condition of individuals.  If we are not allowed to use the facility to full capacity, we will rely on remote synchronous instruction, rotating desk assignments, appointment-only use of shop tools, and other strategies to create a traditional education experience for every student.
  • What services are available now?

    Services Available? Requirement
    Walk-in Crough Access No Only designated students are allowed in the building. Freshmen in ARPL 102 Design Studio, C.J Howard session, are allowed to enter the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 6 PM. Graduate students are allowed on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09 AM to 6 PM. Students with assigned desks and registered on 202, 302 and 402 can access the building on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays respectively. Visitors may be escorted through the building from time to time by a staff or faculty member. Students are not allowed to admit other students or visitors into the building. 
    Study inside Crough Yes Each student allowed in the building will have an assigned desk well spaced from adjacent students.  All classroom instruction and group reviews will be conducted online. Everyone in the studio must use their laptop with headphones to attend class at the assigned desk. You must have your new CUA ID card to be able to enter the building. 
    Printing  Yes Plotters will be available for use in the studio, not in the plotter room. Please sanitize your hands before and after use.  
    Computer Use No Our computer labs will not be available through the Spring semester.
    Front Office in-person visits No The front office staff is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 AM - 12 PM through Zoom or upon request.
    Consultation with Student Experience Coordinator Yes, by email and zoom meeting Request a meeting
    Laser Cutter access No Due to the small room size, Laser cutters will not be available through the spring semester.
    3D printing access No 3D printers will not be available for use, although you may make an appointment with Lorenzo using Google Calendar to request 3D prints. He will arrange for you to pick up your model at an appropriate time and place.
    Woodshop access No The woodshop will be open for instruction by appointment with Lorenzo using Google Calendar. Instructors will coordinate shop assignments in advance with Lorenzo. To schedule your appointment click here
  • How do I reserve to use the Woodshop?

    As part of the plan to gradually open Croguh in the spring semester, the Woodshop will be available to students by appointment only from 10 AM  - 5 AM, Monday through Friday. (except Holidays)

    The reservation of woodshop space is a new procedure in place to safeguard our students and staff from exposure to COVID-19.

    To gain admittance to the woodshop:

    1. You must have a reservation
    2. Be wearing a face covering, and
    3. Show your up to date Woodshop ID.

    The Woodshop will have a limited capacity of 5 students with a maximum duration of 1 hour per appointment. Students are limited to two-time slots per day. All workshop users must submit a reservation request at least 12 hours before the selected appointment time. 

  • Can I enter Crough to use the computers and printers?

    Our computer labs will be closed in the spring semester.

    Our computer stations located in our corridors will be available to print materials. Printers will be available in designated open areas through Crough. They will be relocated outside the plotter room to an open space.

    Please, be vigilant and respect social distancing while using our printers.

  • Are staff available to answer questions?

    YES! We have two, easy-to-use options:

    Email a staff member: Submit questions 24/7 and you will receive an email reply in the next 48 hours or sooner.

    • For meetings with Dean Ferguson, contact Paula Riff.
    • For meetings with Deans Ohnstad or Puttock, contact Justin McPherson.
    • For registration, schedule, and tracking questions, contact Alyssa Fields.
    • For all other questions, contact Cate Sullivan or call 202-319-6243.

    Quick Live Help: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM. Use this service to launch a Zoom video-conference session with our Front office staff, who can answer your simple questions.


  • FAQ - Woodshop

    FAQ -  Woodshop Answers Requirements and more info
    Opens in the Spring semester Yes. The schedule might change depending on CDC regulations.
    Hours of operation 10 AM - 5 PM Appointments are required
    Walk-ins No.  Students MUST use the online portal to schedule appointments and to check for availability. No one will be allowed to come down to the woodshop to check if machines are available.
    Max occupancy Five students in the woodshop at a time. All students in the shop will have an assigned working station based on their project needs. Social distancing is mandatory.
    PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Masks, goggles, and hearing protection must be worn at all times. Cotton, surgical or N95 masks must be worn at all times in the shop. You MUST purchase goggles, similar to those in the woodshop, for $12 on Amazon or Ace Hardware. You will not be allowed in the shop without proper PPE. The shop provides earplugs.
    Woodshop training All students must undergo woodshop training prior to using the equipment.  Training will take place once we reopen. Students in classes with posted deadlines will have priority.
    Can I have a project consultation with Lorenzo? Yes, schedule an online appointment. DO NOT show up at Lorenzo’s office asking for an appointment. Use the online portal ONLY.
    Unfinished project storage Maybe. It will depend on the size and project. Freshly glued models might be stored in the woodshop for a short period of time.
    Lending tools No.
    Setting up appointments Check your email for an invitation and follow the guidelines.


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