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Crough Fabrication Shops

The Crough Fabrication Shop is a comprehensive resource available to faculty and enrolled architecture students as an extension of the classroom and studio. Students are encouraged to work with a wide variety of materials and methods. All incoming students are required to go through orientation. 

The Crough Fabrication Shop includes the Woodshop, Laser Cutting Room, Photo Room, and 3D Printing Lab. The facility is structured as an open environment for material-based learning and research. 


  • Woodshop

    Woodshop (B007)


    The primary function of the woodshop is to assist students and faculty in realizing their ideas in three-dimension. Carrying a design through construction gives students a better grounding in materials and building techniques while it hones design skills. The woodshop is also used to prepare or post-process digital fabrication materials from the 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machine.

    A skilled craftsman is always on hand during shop hours to supervise the use of our 1,700 square foot shop.  

    Most tools are available for individuals to operate themselves and include traditional woodworking tools such as table saws, band saws, miter saw, drill press, combination sanders, and small rotary tools. Some equipment, including the jointer/planer, drum sander, and router table, require the assistance of a qualified Woodshop lab tech or shop supervisor. Handheld power tools such as sanders, cordless drills, and heat guns are available for use in the shop. Fasteners, sandpaper, and wood glue is provided for convenience. 

    Access is limited to faculty and enrolled architect students. In addition to the training required for all workshops, users must complete a full orientation in order to have access to the other labs. 

    Woodshop - Capacity 20

    Available Equipment

    2 SawStop T-Glide Fence table saws
    18" Powermatic Bandsaw
    14" Powermatic Bandsaw
    8" Powermatic Jointer Planer
    20" Powermatic Thickness Planer
    12" Bosch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Variable Variable Speed Router Table
    One Powermatic Drill Press
    Two 12" disc/6"x48" Combination Sander
    Spindle Sander
    Jet Benchtop Mortiser
    Tenoning Jig
    DeWalt Scroll Saw
    Delta Knife Belt Sander
    Hot Wire Cutter
    Cordless Drills
    6 Orbital Sanders
    1 Biscuit Jointer
    2 Jig Saws
    2 Hand Planes
    Four sets of Chisels and gouges
    Various Clamps, Handscrews, Spring Clamps, etc.
    Various handheld tools

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser Cutting (B008B)


    Our large format laser cutters are used for cutting or engraving two-dimensional shapes from wood, acrylic, paper products, metal and glass. Accuracy is one of the primary advantages of laser cutting, along with flexibility and repeatability. This process is a lot quicker than traditional mechanical cutting methods and is often used in our classes to create rapid model prototypes, especially in the case of more complex cuts.

    Available Equipment

    Three Universal Laser Systems VLS6.60 with a material processing envelope of 32″ x 18″ x 9″.32" x 18” bed and 60 watt power.

  • CNC Routing

    CNC Routing (B008)

    CNC Room

    Available Equipment

    One Shopbot 24x18 Desktop CNC router with a Lenovo Desktop computers Intel R i-7 Windows 10, with a full architecture suite including AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, SketchUp Pro, VCarve, and Shopbot 3 proprietary software.

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing (121)

    Printing Room

    Our comprehensive 3D printing Lab has the latest equipment to aid our students and professors in the development, design and creation of architectural models and sites. All the 3D equipment is free to all students and faculty, once trained. 

    Room 120- twelve 3D printers. Open with special key card access.

    Available Equipment:

    One dedicated Lenovo Desktop computers Intel R i-7 Windows 10, with 3Dprint software and a full architecture suite including AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, SketchUp Pro, Enscape, Twinmotion, VRay, full Adobe Suite, CURA, and MatterControl.
    6 (six) FDM 3D Printers Ultimaker S5
    3 (three) Custom-made Pulse XE Nylon X Advanced Materials FDM printer
    3 (three) MakeiT Pro M High Res Dual Extruder with Extended Z Height
    One SLA Formlabs Form with a dedicated cleaning station and Preform software
    One Roland vinyl cutter with CutStudio software
    One Sewing machine Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1
    One Canon Pro-4000 Large Format Watercolor Printer

  • Spray Room

    Spray Room (B002)

    Finishing Room

    We are lucky to have a large 200 sqft finishing room which allows our students and faculty to spray most any material in a safe, wind free and dust free environment.

    Available Equipment

    Lemmer T-55 HVLP Finish Sprayer

  • Lighting Room

    Lighting Room (B15A)


    Lighting Room - Room B15A - Capacity 16

    Available Equipment

    Two Manfrotto FF3512N86 Pantographs with wire cables connected to 2 aluminum railings, 3-color background paper with adjustable rods, and two Dracast DRSL-P-800 LED light panels.