• The Walton Distinguished Thesis/Capstone Design Award

    This award recognizes the best independent thesis or capstone project addressing the subject matter of the Sacred Space and Cultural Studies graduate concentration. The award is both honorific and monetary ($250). Students will be able to include this recognition of design excellence in their resume and cover in part some of their thesis expenses.

    The recipient from 2022: Rebecca Ambouroue
  • Classical Concentration Director's Award - A Recognition of Excellence

    This Award recognizes truly exemplary, groundbreaking works of excellence in Classical Architecture and Urban Design. Awarded works must exhibit excellence of thought, excellence of design, and excellence of execution. The award will be given at most, but not necessarily always, annually to a graduate student who has completed studies for the Master of Architecture Degree in the Concentration in Classical Architecture and Urban Design.

    The recipient for 2022: Jacob Chase
  • Excellence in Urban Design Award

    This award recognizes a singular thesis project that demonstrates an innovative community-based approach in achieving excellence in architecture and urban design. The award honors the project that best illustrates a connection to the neighboring urban fabric, significant contribution to the public realm, and creativity in community impact design.

    The recipient for 2022: Rocio Duarte

  • The Technology and Media in Architecture and Interiors (TMAIn) Award

    This annual award recognizes exceptional performance in the use of advanced Technology and Media in Architecture and Design with an emphasis on creative and visionary solutions to address contemporary architectural challenges. Recipients should include this recognition of design excellence in their resumes and be proud of their accomplishments.

    The recipient for 2022: John Jones

  • The Environmental Literacy Award

    This Award recognizes one thesis student who exemplifies environmental ethics, technology and creativity towards reducing global carbon emissions through design excellence.

    The recipient for 2022: Evan Dzeidic