July 10, 2023

Julio BermudezJulio Bermudez, Ph.D. Ordinary Professor, was featured on the Templeton Religious Trust website.  His research will also be featured this Fall in a video by Templeton’s public relations company, Grey Matter, and a PBS program titled “Closer to Truth.”

21 sketches of Bermudez’s pilgrimage to Europe were included in the exhibition, The Architecture of Prayer, at The Center Art Gallery at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan last spring. Visit the Virtual 360-degree Exhibit here

Bermudez published Spirituality in Architectural Education, a book that offers solid arguments and insightful reflections on the role that “big questions” and spiritual sensibility ought to play in the architectural academy today. Learn more


james_mccreryJames McCrery, Associate Professor, and his firm, McCrery Architects, was granted a 2023 John Russell Pope Award for excellence in architecture from the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) for his project for a new reception hall at Hillsdale College in Michigan. 

before and after photo

jason montgomeryJason Montgomery, Associate Professor, Architecture; Rebecca Kiriazes, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering; and William Tippin, Assistant Dean, Summer Programs; co-presented “Smart Cities: An Introduction and Initial Approach to What This Means in Your Community” to the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference.


adnan morshedAdnan Morshed, Ph.D. Ordinary Professor, published an article in The Daily Star about governments’ increased control over what history lessons should or should not be taught in the classroom.

Morshed published Dhaka Delirium, a collection of writings on a South Asian metropolis and its promises and perils.

Morshed recently completed eight BRAC (Building Resources Across Communities) regional offices across rural Bangladesh. The project began in 2017 and was completed in 2021. BRAC is the world's largest non-governmental organization that works to alleviate poverty, brings basic healthcare to the poor, and fosters a culture of entrepreneurship among people on the margin. 



milton shinbergMilton Shinberg, Adjunct Professor, was awarded the Provost's Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for the Professional Schools for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.


Dhiru ThadaniDhiru Thadini¸ former faculty member, had his sketches of Washington, DC featured in an article published by the Common Edge.  Mr. Dhiru's life story and his time at Catholic University are featured in the article as well. 

Thadini published a book called: Washington Drawings: Abe to Zoo (2022).