June 07, 2022

Lecturers Timothy Smith and Jonathan Taylor were awarded the ICAA 2022 Arthur Ross Award for Excellence in the Classical Tradition Education category in May at the University Club of New York. These practitioners, educators, and researchers have a distinct and growing reputation for their interest in classicism and its potential as a living language of architecture. 

Since 2011, Smith and Taylor have pioneered the only classical architectural design studio in a professionally accredited architecture course in the United Kingdom, at Kingston University, London. Their London-based practice, Timothy Smith & Jonathan Taylor Architects, is the vehicle for their built work and for much of their research output.

Assistant Professor C.J. Howard published commentary in Traditional Building on monuments and solutions for how to commemorate the collective past.

Lecturer Geoffrey Ferrell, of Geoffrey Ferrell Associates, Williston’s Taft Corners Vision and Form-Based Code project won the Vermont Planners Association’s 2022 Project of the Year award. The Studio he taught here last year used a portion of the site for their project. 

Lecturer Jon Penndorf, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, RELi AP, was featured in The Time is Now, a documentary on sustainability in the design, construction, and lighting industry. The film was released on Earth Day on YouTube. https://watch.lytei.com/thetimeisnow

Ordinary Professor Julio Bermudez



    • Professor Julio Bermudez was elected for a second, six-year term as president of the Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum, a nearly 700 member organization representing 64 countries.
    • He participated in Transcendent Human Habitats, the third and last of a series of special discussions among a selected group of architectural scholars and practitioners held at the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton in April along with Tom Barrie from North Carolina State University.
    • He spoke at the Sound, Space, and the Aesthetics of the Sublime conference at Stanford University, organized by renowned music professor/researcher Jonathan Berger in May. 
    • He ran the 12th Annual Symposium of the Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality in Fallingwater, PA earlier this month. This was the first time in a generation that architects had full access to Fallingwater. 
  • He is attending a conference in Edinburg, Scotland this month that convenes the 12 researchers who received funding from the Templeton Religion Trust and other scholars.  He will be interviewed by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of the TV program Closer to Truth.
  • His proposal How Sacred Architecture Conveys Spiritual Understanding: A Biometric-Based Study has been funded by the Templeton Religion Trust for a total of $240,000.  This new research effort complements his in-progress investigation “Cognitive-Aesthetic Effects of Sacred vs. Secular Architecture on Believers. A Neurophenomenological Exploratory Study.” The former measures the effects of sacred vs. secular buildings on people of faith, the new project will focus on the architectural causes that produce such effects.

He was named to the advisory board of the research project The Art of the Pantheon: Learning from Visitors, directed by Dr. Tom Beaudoin of Fordham University, with the support of the Templeton Religion Trust. This is the first time in the Pantheon’s nearly 2000 years of existence that the phenomenological impact of this building on people will be studied using a systematic inquiry.