April 13, 2021

madison moore picture

The David M. Schwarz Award is an annual award for internship and travel for graduate students who are one year from graduation. The award consists of a $7.500 stipend for travel and independent research during the summer of 2021 and a paid internship opportunity with David M. Schwarz Architects in Washington, D.C.

This year, the winner chosen was Maddison Moore. Madison is a  graduate student in the School of Architecture and Planning. Her thesis is titled: “Catalyst'', A Summit for Writers in Central London. The thesis focuses on creating better writers and readers through the medium of architecture by examining the past, the seen and designing for the future--the unseen. In an excerpt, she writes, “In post-modern literary urban environments, there is a dissociation of the physical act of writing and touch of paper. With new technology emerging, the dilemma of promoting the physical touch and texture associated with reading and writing need to be addressed as these two simplistic acts continue to adjust for the future globally. Because of London’s centrality and literary significance through time, the Catalyst will act as a summit for writers and will establish itself as a global landmark.” Madison explores the futuristic approach of what it means to write, read, and study literature and how the future of writing will entail technological innovation. She begs the question, how can the built environment enhance one's ability to write? 

Congratulations to Madison Moore on her award!