Principal at Sargenti Architects

Throughout his career, Robert Sargenti worked in the architectural and design industry learning the ins and outs of the market, all while establishing trusted relationships.

When Robert had the idea for Sargenti Architects in 1997, he saw it not only as a way to have more control over his life by becoming his own boss, but also a way to empower those in his industry. He found there was a better way to conduct business and knew the industry needed something new, fresh and without all the middlemen in between. With the inspiration to control his own destiny and run a family-operated business, Robert continues to strive in building a culture of transparent communication with an open-door policy. The easy flow of information has produced an atmosphere that is conducive to exceptional work and the ability to service all of their clients’ needs and wants with efficiency and trust.

Defining and enforcing the company culture are one of the key factors that Robert prides himself on as it has helped the company thrive for over 20 years. He routinely speaks with his employees about their goals, both personal and professional, ensuring his employees understand the big picture and the part they play in the success of the organization. It is the relationships Sargenti forges and the trust it creates that matters most with the employees, clients, and vendors.

“If you want your employees to “think big” you must create a supportive environment that encourages communication, creativity, and innovation. Employees should feel as if they can share their ideas without fear of judgment and failure. We all know the famous phrase, “there’s no such thing as a bad idea” and that’s just it, there can be no innovation without first having an idea. I too was once someone with an idea and a dream. I took a risk and here I am – over 20 years later still standing, continuing to empower my employees that they too can-do great things.” - Robert J. Sargenti Jr. AIA, LEED