Senior Vice President at Davis Construction

As a Senior Vice President at Davis Construction, Jon is actively engaged early in project planning, sharing his expertise on feasibility and construction methodology. He knows his stuff, and his experience in managing extremely technical building projects and high-end interior spaces has given him an extensive blend of knowledge.

He understands current market pricing conditions, and his highly detail-oriented nature make him an invaluable asset on every project. Jon excels at identifying the materials and processes that add the most value to meet project goals. His approachable nature makes this process — which is often stressful — an easily accomplished task.

Starting as an intern in 1999, Jon is the first DAVIS employee to begin as an intern and ultimately work his way to Vice President. Jon has a knack for seeing potential and is a DAVIS champion for ongoing recruiting efforts at Catholic University – helping funnel the best and brightest interns and employees. On the weekends Jon can often be found working alongside his colleagues on volunteer projects. He values these opportunities to strengthen relationships with others in the community, as well as improve his carpentry skills.