Summer High School Program

The Experiences in Architecture program at the Catholic University of America is an intense two-week, pre-college workshop for students interested in architecture or other design-related fields. Students are exposed to both the academic and professional sides of the architectural arena, as the city of Washington, D.C., becomes their classroom. 

The Experiences in Architecture program will better prepare students for the rigors of architecture school, giving students a head start, as well as acquainting them to campus life at the university level. Students who have participated in EiA’s summer workshop, or a similar pre-college program, are better prepared for success at the university level. 

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    Come along with us as we use Washington, D.C. as our extended classroom! We explore the city’s museums, historical sites, new digital installations and cultural events! All of these sites are nearby, just a short Metro ride away.
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    Let us help you think about your surroundings in new ways. From foundational drawing lessons to original design charrettes, we help you transform your ideas into 2D and 3D projects.
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    Immerse yourself in both the academic and professional sides of architecture. Take advantage of the large network of architects and designers in the D.C. area by coming along with us to visit firms.


"I just wanted to let you know how thankful and appreciative I am for the Experiences in Architecture Program. After going through those three great weeks of hands on experience, I now know that I really want to delve into the discipline of architecture. The program you put together was both very informative and very fun at the same time, which is quite the accomplishment; I never had a dull moment over the course of the three weeks. I have a much better handle on what it actually means to be an architect, and how hard it is to become one. Once again, I want to thank you for a great experience while at Catholic University, and perhaps I will be in contact with you later about applying there! Thanks!" – Justin Heil