January 25, 2018
Tommy Vince - Mark Ferguson
Robert 'Tommy' Vince, a fifth year joint architecture and civil engineering student, was selected as the first recipient of the Mark Ferguson Award by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA).  The award allowed Tommy the opportunity to attend the eight-day Intensive in Classical Architecture in New York City.

Professor James McCrery, Director of the Classical Architecture Concentration, was very happy to hear of the award: "Hearty congratulations to Tommy Vince, first recipient ever of the Mark Ferguson Award!  Tommy is a young renaissance man: architect, engineer and artist. He is a credit to the Catholic University of America, to the School of Architecture and Planning, and to the Concentration in Classical Architecture and Urbanism.  I am very happy for him and look forward to continuing excellence from him."

Read the full story at ICAA's website:  https://www.classicist.org/articles/tommy-vince-named-the-first-recipient-of-the-mark-ferguson-award/