For Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research


Named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is given to one student per ARCC member college, school, institute, or unit.

The selection of recipients is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.

The award may be made at either the graduate or the undergraduate level.

Any student interested in competing for this award should submit a .pdf that contains:

Page 1

  • Name, contact information
  • Summary of the research
  • Explanation of innovation, scholarship and integrity in the   research  (800 words or less)
Subsequent pages
  • Research documentation – methodology, data, results, conclusions and bibliography.

Deadline: April 2, 2021. 5 PM.

Direct questions and submit your application to Hollee Becker at

Previous Winners:

LeQuan J. Clinton (M.Arch 2021)
"Inclusive Sustainability - Preserving Public Housing and Improving Resident Well Being: Design and Standards for Existing Residential Buildings."

Annie McGuinness (M. Arch 2020)
"A Living, Loving, Artifact:  Developing the Integral Ecology Framework for Design and Its Application in the Design of a Mixed-Use Campus."

Emily Oldham (M. Arch 2019)
"Code red days: Evidence based design for healthy environments in urban schools"

Timothy M. Farina (B.S. Arch 2018)
"Santiago de Compostella: Architectural Innovation and Urban Intervention in Response to the Phenomenon of Pilgrimage."

William Sergison (M. Arch 2017)
"The Dark Matter of Architecture"

Begoña Blasco (M. Arch./MSSD 2016)
"Dweller Identity: Affordable-Adaptable Housing"