For Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research

Named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is given to one student per ARCC member college, school, institute, or unit. Selection of recipients is at the discretion of the individual member institutions, but is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research. The Medal will be physically awarded to its recipient during the awards ceremony held during Commencement Week 2019.

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Submission Rules:
This year’s award is for any project, written or graphics, by a graduate or undergraduate student currently enrolled or who completed their degrees in the School of Architecture and Planning, so long as the student was enrolled for at least one semester since spring 2018. Nominations can be made by students or faculty members. The selection criteria include completeness, professionalism, innovation/insight, and relevance. A decision will be made by a vote of the group of faculty (i.e., King Medal Award Committee).

The required materials to be considered for ARCC King Student Medal are:

  • Student name
  • Student position and class (e.g.: Undergraduate ‘18)
  • Project title, course, and semester when completed
  • A 300-word abstract describing goals, methods, outcomes, and recognition (i.e., if the research has been published, presented at a conference, etc.)
  • A complete copy of the research project in .pdf format. Please compress images to keep file sizes minimal.

Please submit the required materials to Professor Hyojin Kim by email ( by 5:00 PM on Monday, April 1, 2019.

Previous Winners:

Timothy M. Farina (B.S. Arch 2018)
"Santiago de Compostella: Architectural Innovation and Urban Intervention in Response to the Phenomenon of Pilgrimage."

William Sergison (M. Arch 2017)
"The Dark Matter of Architecture"

Begoña Blasco (M. Arch./MSSD 2016)
"Dweller Identity: Affordable-Adaptable Housing"