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    Lavinia Fici Pasquina is the Director of CUArch’s Technology and Media in Architecture and Interiors (TMAIN) Graduate Concentration. Born in Italy, Ms. Fici Pasquina received her first master’s degree in Architecture from the School of architecture in Palermo Italy with summa cum laude distinction. She then received her license to practice architecture in Italy in 1996, sub-specializing in industrial design and interior architecture. After moving to the United States, she obtained her second Master’s Degree in Architecture from the CUArch, receiving the Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Excellence in Architecture from the AIA, as well as the prestigious Paul A. Goettelman award for “Best of Thesis Prize”.

    Since joining the faculty at CUArch, Ms. Fici Pasquina has instructed a variety of undergraduate and graduate architectural design studios and courses, ranging from introductory classes in basic design principles and drawing to advanced studios in computer 3D modeling, animation and movie making. Several of her studios have involved sponsored trips for students to design projects at remote sites with diverse themes, including a “High End Casino” in Las Vegas, “Data Center” in San Francisco, and a “contemporary Fish Market and Marina” in southern Italy. She also co-taught two semesters with Adjunct Prof Travis Price in “Spirit of Place, Spirit of Design”, where students designed and built an outdoor gathering and meditation space on the island of Pantelleria, Italy, inspired by mythological figures and translating vernacular architecture into modern ideals. This project gained the interest of independent film-maker, David Levitt, who filmed and produced a documentary about the project.

    Lavinia’s interest in exposing students to different cultures has inspired much of her work. In addition, to co-teaching several Foreign Studies Programs, she helped sponsor CUA undergraduate and graduate students through a grant to participate in an international architectural design workshop in Favara, Italy. She also co-developed and led an “Architecture and Film” studio and exhibit with former Dean, Stanley Hallet, at the Museum Palazzo D’Aumale in Terrasini, Italy. Her European background, extensive study, and appreciation of the history of architecture, help to stimulate students to appreciate and develop not only their own personal unique styles but to better understand of where their design projects may fit within the context of the global continuum.

    Lavinia was promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure status in 2006. Since that time she has assumed the responsibilities as the Director of a Graduate Concentration, today’s Technology and Media in Architecture and Interiors (TMAIN) . She has always been interested in exploring new technologies in design and the narrative behind an architectural project whether through graphical (re-) presentation or in a film output.

    Lavinia has also remained active professionally, both in Italy and in the United States. Her experience has ranged from working in large firms, focusing on large scale government and commercial buildings to small private firm, working on small residential projects. In 2008, she started her own small boutique design studio, “Xhabition”, specializing in custom built residential spaces. Her designs have been published in such magazines as Spaces, Metropolitan Home, Elle Décor, Abitare, and Glamour. She has also been featured on two episodes of the television show, Garage take-over, aired nation-wide by Discovery Channel. Her projects often merge creative design and sustainability weather they are interior objects, jewelry or architectural spaces.