• Soulful Reckonings: Space * Place * Time * Justice

    Monday, September 13 at 5 PM.
    Guest Lecture: Jane C. Edmonds, Founding Partner at Jane's Way, Oak Bluffs, Mass.



  • Peace Architecture: Design for Healing and Connection

    Monday, September 20 at 5 PM
    2021 Walton Critic Lecture: Trey Trahan, Founder and CEO of Trahan Architects, New Orleans and New York City.



  • On Learning: Revelation, Continuity, and Change

    Monday, October 18 at 5 PM
    Guest Lecture: John A. Kett, Managing Principal, Reed Hilderbrand Landscape Architecture, Cambridge, Mass.
  • Spatialized Psychologies of Inequity

    Monday, November 1 at 5 PM
    Guest Lecture: April de Simone, Co-founder and Managing principal at Spatial Forensics, New York City