Credit Transfers

A maximum of nine semester hours of graduate work earned at another institution or while a non-degree student at Catholic University may be accepted toward completion of the M.S.F.M. program

Joint Degrees

The M.S.F.M. can be completed simultaneously with other degrees offered at the School of Architecture and Planning. Available joint degree programs include:

  • M.S.F.M./M.Arch: For those interested in developing competency in building design and management. The Master of Architecture degree is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board.
  • M.S.F.M./M.S.S.D. (Master of Science in Sustainable Design): For those interested in developing competency in the design and management of sustainable facilities.
  • M.S.F.M./M.C.R.P.: Particularly suited for those interested in planning and managing large corporate, university, or manufacturing campuses or military bases. The Master of City and Regional Planning degree is currently pursuing initial accreditation by the Planning Accreditation Board.

Students in any of these program can concurrently complete up to 12 credits of coursework that satisfy both degree programs, reducing the total number of credits needed to complete the two degrees. 

Non-Degree Candidates

Students may take M.S.F.M. courses at Catholic University as non-degree students before applying to the M.S.F.M. program. While in that status, they are not eligible for scholarships or graduate assistantships. Up to nine credits taken as a non-degree  student can be transferred to the degree program.

International Students

The University's International Student and Scholar Services, ISSS, facilitates placement with international students.